Bruce checking the crops with my ‘gorgeous farmer husband’ and me.

We have had a tragedy in our family.  For those with pets who are part of the family I know you will understand.

My sons’ puppy dog, Bruce, was accidentally hit by a truck.  We had to have him put down.  He was a beautiful, energetic, black and white border collie who was only 10 months old.  It was sad.  It was very sad for every member of the family.

Even though he was “son number 2’s” dog, we all spent time with Bruce.   We all, in turn, took him walking, running or bicycling and threw sticks and balls to him.  Both my sons taught Bruce to sit, stay and come to them when he was a little puppy.  I would see them working together on the back lawn, calling Bruce between them, giving him a big pat and a treat when he listened.  Watching him bounce energetically to each of them in turn.  It was a joy to see.

He was our sons’ dog, but he belonged to the family too.  He came in the ute when we went out in the paddock and loved to sit ‘up front’ with me while we checked the crops.   Also I let him ride in my car.  This was something I thought I would never, ever do. He loved beach walks and I was happy to take him, when I had time.  He wriggled his little puppy nose right into my heart and I will miss him a lot. 

As all dogs, Bruce loved people, he loved being around people and he loved balls and sticks of any kind. If you had a stick in your hand, he was your best friend. He also loved the cats, unfortunately for him they declined to join his chasing games and more often than not he would get a scratch on his nose for being too close to them.   When you got him out of his yard in the morning he bounced all around you, with the sheer joy and happiness only dogs can show. 

Someone said to us after they heard about him dying.  “No more dogs for your family”  “It is too hard”.     I had to disagree.  Yes, it is devastating when your pet dies, but also, having a pet is a lesson about life and about love.  Bruce taught us to work with each other, he taught us to never say never.  He taught my son responsibility and thoughtfulness for another soul.

I am glad we got Bruce in our family, even though his time was short, he will be sorely missed.  When the time is right I will be pleased if any of our children get another dog because dogs teach us many things, but most of all they teach us how easy it is to love.

RIP Bruce.

2 thoughts on “A Mans best friend (or woman)

  1. What an awful experience. I am glad Bruce had so many happy times with all of you. The demise of a loved dog is like losing a family member. We still mourn ours a year on.

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