Rain – looking out over the paddock from the shed block – 25th May

It is Autumn now here in our part of the world. All the farmers (and actually a lot of other people) have been waiting on rain. Historically we normally get the opening rains around Anzac Day, which is the 25th of April. It will be a month today that we have been talking about rain and when it may arrive.

The opening rains are needed by most farmers in order for them to start putting the seed into the ground. “Handsome farmer husband” starts his seeding on a specific date every year and the seed goes into the ground that day, be it wet or be it dry. In our district it varies between every farmer with their starting times, some have started, some have finished, some wait for the rain and are still servicing their machinery. No matter what stage they are at rain is always a main discussion when farmers get together.

Today, (well last night) we had rain, which is wonderful. Depending on where you live on our little Peninsula can also relate to how much rain you receive. It is a talking point for days, even between the farming wives. It will fill rainwater tanks and water gardens. Most importantly it will soak into the land and give the crops a drink and everyone will be happy. For me, it was lovely to be able to drive through puddles and sit inside and watch the rain come down and finally water my poor sad looking lawn. Also, it finally feels like soup weather.

So thankfully it has rained, which in our case means that we can keep seeding, if all goes to plan. All going to plan means no machinery breakdowns or too much rain, dare I say it. So five days and hopefully we will finish seeding. The boys have been working steadily, they have a roster of early mornings and late nights. Sometimes “Handsome farmer husband” or myself take a hot dinner out to our “number one son” while he has been driving the tractor and seeder in the evenings. I enjoy the drive out to the paddock at night. It makes me a little nostalgic as it is something I used to do when our family was younger and “handsome farmer husband” was the main tractor driver. It is always amazing to see the lights of all the neighbours tractors going around in the paddocks and the bright stars overhead in the dark sky.

I love seeding because it is the beginning again. The earth is fresh and it smells amazing. The days are cool and damp outside and then sometimes the sun shines through making it sunshine and perfect. Then we get to wait for the crops to come up. It is such a joy to see the first glimpse of green. Walking through the paddocks, watching and waiting for the crops to come poking through the soil. Then as all farmers and their wives do we go back to the discussions of rain, and when it will come next.

One thought on “Rain in May

  1. Discussions about rain and farming go hand in hand. We are in our sixth year of drought – received 7mm five days ago, so keep hoping. Good luck with the planting season!

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